BARBERIUS, specialists in beard oil and products for the aesthetics of modern man

Our Barber Shop online store is not just any BarberShop Store. Welcome to Barberius, Here you will find a wide selection of products and accessories for Hair, Beard, Classic Shave and Cosmetics for Men. If you are professional, you are in the appropriate Online Store, and if you are private, too.

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At BARBERIUS we strive every day to incorporate new brands of the highest quality that offer demanding standards for the care and styling of today's man.

As well as maintaining the classic brands of always. Those that over the years have earned a place of honor on the shelves and toiletry bags of all Gentlemen.

ACCESSORIES & COSMETICS for Men of the XXI Century

We want BARBERIUS to be more than just a company that sells Accessories and Cosmetics for men. We are professionals dedicated to the specialized sale of male cosmetic products.

At BARBERIUS we seek connection. That each man find the product he is looking for and create a bond through the personalized advice that we can offer you thanks to more than 14 years of experience in the sector.

Satisfaction and Well-being are our Key words, and that is what we want to contribute to all our clients.

Our product lines range from the most classic tastes to the most current and modern.

At BARBERIUS we offer accessories and articles for male grooming carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality to our customers:

- Specific high-quality products for men's hair. Fixatives, waxes, pomades and gels to hold hair while caring for and protecting the scalp.

- Take care of your beard with our oils, balms and waxes, you will also get extra softness thanks to our high quality boar bristle brushes. But do not forget the skin, it needs oxygen, cleaning and hydration for which we also have the solution you need.

- Daily shaving, at BARBERIUS we understand it as a ritual, and that is why we have special soaps for beards with wire hair and sensitive skin. Without forgetting the after shave, we have selected a variety with different scents for all tastes, including alcohol-free lotions for sensitive skin. We have a wide selection of badger hair brushes, horsehair hair brushes and the cheapest and no less handmade bristle hair brushes.