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The Macho Beard Company potions are the result of several years of study, created with natural ingredients and essential oils of the highest quality. They are potions, oils, balsams and waxes created in a traditional way, as it has been done since ancient times. 

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    Mediterranean Beard Oil By Male Get a flawless beard, and moisturized skin. Mediterranean beard oil provides medium nutrition and hydration as well as a fresh citrus scent. An all-round beard oil: specially formulated to care for your skin and beard.All our formulas are sebum regulating, we care about your skinMale Beard Company Warranty: Ingredients...

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    Velvet Natural Oil Our intention with the seasonal oils (winter and summer) is to take care of your skin and beard in an optimal way, because the needs of the skin are not the same when it is cold, hot, humid, etc. We create special oils for each season, of limited edition, so that, from one year to the next, we will adapt our formulas of these oils so...

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    "Intense fixation for sculptural mustaches" Natural Hard Wax for MoustacheIf you are one of those who bet on turning his moustache into a real sign of identity, or have a rebellious moustache, you are in luck. We have created a hard wax for moustache based on the highest quality essential oils that provides a strong fixation for the control of your...

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    Macho Beard Balm for all types of beards. Longer beards require specific care. Our Beard Balm, besides moisturizing, helps to give style and shape to the beard, it works as a very soft fixer that gives a natural look to your beard. Thanks to the shea, jojoba and coconut our balm will moisturize your beard to the maximum and help you to tidy up and fill...

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    Don't run out of one more kiss, Machote! The soft moustache wax has been formulated to neutralize odors, nourish and moisturize your moustache, and provoke unforgettable kisses for your partner. Yes, yes, this wax will also help you control and add volume to your moustache, but the kissing part is much more interesting, isn't it? "Moisturizes, nourishes...

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