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SPANISH BRAND that started its business activity in 1930. They manufacture HIGH QUALITY Hairdressing and Barber Scissors.

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    3 PROFESSIONAL CARNATIONS Air is a lightweight 3 Carnation hairdressing scissors. - Hot forged in Stainless Steel AISI 440 C. - With a High Hardness HRc 60 for a better cutting edge duration. - Concave and Sharpest Soft Edge. - The adjustable screw with tensioner and auto stop (click) inside allows to loosen the blades without losing the crescent...

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    3 Claveles sculpting hairdressing scissors with a soft edge. Stainless Steel AISI 440 C. Hot Forged High hardness HRc 60 for a better duration of the edge. Adjustable screw, with tensioner and auto stop (click) inside allows loosening the blades without losing the setting of the crescent. Symmetrical design facilitates the classic cutting position. To...

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    Shaving bowl for foaming. Made of stainless steel. Measurements: 9.5cm wide and 5cm deep. Bordered edge.

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    3C Wireless Professional BEARD Trimmer metal machine Voltage: 110-240v 50 / 60HZ 10W LI-ion 900mAh rechargeable battery Use time 2 hours. Charging time 1.5h Wireless Professional 4cm blade in professional T CUT 0 3 professional 1-2-3 mm combs. Length: 15.5cm. Works Wireless and Cable.

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    3C Wireless Professional Metal Hair Clipper Machine Voltage: 110-240v 50 / 60HZ 10W Rechargeable LI-ion 2500mAh battery Usage time 5 hours. Charging time 2.5h Wireless 4.5cm professional blade. Knife POINT adjustment lever Charging information led display. 6 Professional combs of 1.5-3-4.5-6-9-12 mm. Works Wireless and Cable. Length: 18.5cm.

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    High quality in this small special scissors for trimming the beard and mustache. 4.5 inch straight blade scissors - 11.5 cm. Made of carbon steel. Carbon steel cutting guarantees the best clean cut. Screw regulator and rounded fine tip. Made in Spain

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    Razor with interchangeable blade. With resistant plastic handle and stainless steel blade holder. Manufactured by 3 Claveles ESPAÑA This knife has an interchangeable Universal Format blade, you will always find a spare. Made in Spain

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