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    "Intense fixation for sculptural mustaches" Natural Hard Wax for MoustacheIf you are one of those who bet on turning his moustache into a real sign of identity, or have a rebellious moustache, you are in luck. We have created a hard wax for moustache based on the highest quality essential oils that provides a strong fixation for the control of your...

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    Brown Wax to cover Gray Hair Colouring wax to cover the first grey hairs or to shade the grey hair. Medium fixation. Lasts until the next wash. Hair and Beard Fixing 3/5Brightness 2/5 BenefitsHairstyle definition and settingEasy to shapeSemi-matt finishGives volume to the hairstyleHairstyles with a very natural finish and casual styleGeneral...

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    Proraso wax, your best tool to give your moustache the style you want, incorporating its pleasant woody aroma

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    Don't run out of one more kiss, Machote! The soft moustache wax has been formulated to neutralize odors, nourish and moisturize your moustache, and provoke unforgettable kisses for your partner. Yes, yes, this wax will also help you control and add volume to your moustache, but the kissing part is much more interesting, isn't it? "Moisturizes, nourishes...

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Ya lo dice el refrán, “no hay dos sin tres”, por eso la cera para barba (o bigote) es el paso final de tu rutina después de limpiar e hidratar, sobre todo si vas a necesitar el trabajar la forma de tu barba o bigote y fijar;  después de usar las ceras de Barberius, no habrá jornada que pueda acabar con tu barba.