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Find in Barberius all the accessories for barbershop without leaving home, just by clicking.

Barber coats and barber aprons
Barber coats and aprons are necessary so that hair fragments from both the head and the beard do not come into contact with the clothes and skin of both the barber and of course the customer. In addition, some of the products used in professional hairdressing, can irremediably damage a garment, so it is appropriate to protect the clothes with the barber coats and barber aprons. At Barberius, you can choose between attractive designs, your barber's trade is not at odds with style.

Barbering poles
A barber pole is a must for your business if you are a lover of classic barbering, a renewed classic that gives a touch of distinction to your business. Moreover, the barber pole is a sign of identity, thanks to its unmistakable design and colours, your barber shop will not be lost in the neighbourhood!

Barber's chairs: ergonomics and comfort for you and your customers
A barber without a real chair is lost, for two reasons, one, because he has to offer his customers the best possible experience when they decide to entrust him with their styles and two, because when it comes to work, a professional barber needs an armchair that allows him to adopt infinite positions while respecting the principles of ergonomics. With a suitable barber's chair, forced postures are avoided while working with the inconveniences that these entail.

Other hairdressing and barbering tools
Equip your barbershop with all the necessary hairdressing tools to do an impeccable job and to keep your customers satisfied: brushes to clean the neck, tool belt, barber's tweezers... In Barberius we have everything your business needs.