Manual Vintage Cutter

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    Artero Flat Comb Black Cut machining Why buy the Artero Flat Comb? Comb for professional hairdressers and barbers designed to work the machine technique on the comb. Very easy and fast to use, created to achieve cuts with maximum precision. The comb contains a spirit level. Artero ® quality.

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    The Great Classic now in Whiskey Woods Clubman Pinaud extra fine talc. The most widely used talc in American barber shops. Aroma of the old American barbershop school. Aroma Whiskey Woods. Made in the USA.

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    - MEDIUM GLASS JAR WITH REMOVABLE BASKETHeight of 20 cm and diameters of 9.5 cm Capacity 750 ml. High quality, stainless steel and glass, durable to use.Features the highest quality polished glass and stainless steel lid and basketPerfect for sanitizing all styling tools, including brushes, combs, and grooming tools.Removable non-slip rubber base and...

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    Talquera Metálica de Gran Capacidad  Large Capacity Metal Talking Bowl 14x9cm Manufactured in highly durable satin aluminium. Capacity for 600ml of talc, very easy to fill, as you simply remove the cap and filter and add the desired talcum powder. Accessory very used in the Italian Barbera School.

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    Proraso Elegant BARBERSHOP Elegant Water or Cologne Spray Stainless Steel and Glass Atomizer Dispenser (vaporizer) Stainless steel. Silicone pump.

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    Disinfectant Spray for all types of cutting machines Disinfectant, Coolant, Lubricant, Cleaner and Antioxidant 5 in 1 - Disinfectant: Its alcohol content instantly sanitizes the blade of your hair cutting machine. - Coolant: It has an immediate cooling effect, causing a drop in the temperature of the blade that will help you get the maximum performance...

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