Reuzel Extreme Hold MATTE Pomade 35g - Pomada para el pelo

Reuzel Extreme Hold MATTE Pomade 35g - Pomada para el pelo View larger

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EXTRA STRONG fixing wax with matt finish, specially designed for those styles that look for the separation of the tufts and creation of textures.
Size: 35g.
Reuzel Extreme Hold MATTE Pomade is a very high and flexible hold wax, so you can manipulate your hair at any time and work on any style you imagine.

It is specially designed for hairstyles that require emphasis on texture creation, as well as offering a natural/matte finish and
ability to re-shape the hairstyle at any time.

Its hold holds all day and works equally well on short to medium length hair.
Water-based formula
Matte finish
Extra Strong Fixing
Able to control even thick, curly hair
The fixation increases as you apply more product
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