Delantal de Barbero Proraso

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Made in Italy

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Barber Shop Proraso

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    50 Units Layer Cut for Barbershop - Hairdresser. Disposable plastic material. Measurements: 110x140 cm. Black color.

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    100% COTTON - 420 Grams Excellent multipurpose black towel. Measures: 30x50 cm. MANUFACTURED IN EUROPE

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    5 Rolls of Barber Line Neck Paper 5 rolls of neck paper for professional use in hairdressing and barber shops, excellent quality, thicker than normal.This neck paper is thicker to avoid tears and is pre-cut to speed up the work of the professional barber.Each roll has 100 services so in total there are 500 services.By placing the neck paper in the...

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    The Barbero Collection apron since 1909 - W384 is designed following the concept of the entire Official Barber line. It is an indispensable element for cutting and trimming beards, as it is made of a very resistant material in CRUDE denim, accompanied by brown leather armholes, which fits perfectly with the style of the new barber shop. In addition, it is...

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    100% cotton towel Artero.American terry cloth.Soft finish.Plain in black.Great absorption and durability.Measures: 50 x 85 cm.Relief engraving: Artero.Sold by unit.  50 x 85 cm - 100% Cotton. American terry cloth.

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