Professional 2-in-1 Boomer hair spray for all Beardburys hair types 400ml / High Hold CFC Free

Professional 2-in-1 Boomer hair spray for all Beardburys hair types 400ml / High Hold CFC Free View larger

14,50 € tax incl.


CARING FOR THE PLANET: Product WITHOUT: chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

No Carbon Atoms - No Fluorine - No Chlorine

ALL-ROUND HAIRDRY: Fixes any hairstyle AND creates volume, prolonging its duration all day long with ultra-fast drying.

Gives hair a natural finish and protects it from humidity. Lightweight: does not clog or crush the hairstyle. Easily removed
with a simple brush without leaving any residue.

Includes two sprayers to adapt to each hairstyle technique.
Does not contain C.F.C.


The only lacquer on the market with two different applicators for use in different effects.
Extra-strong, long-lasting hold.
Versatility: the two sprayers allow you to apply it with different techniques.
Fast drying.
Protects hair from humidity.
Fixes without weighing down.
Men's perfume.
Instructions for use
Spray on dry hair.
Targeted fixing: spray short sections at 15cm to fix with the concentrated spray.
Global fixation: spray globally at 30cm to fix the whole look with the diffuser sprayer
Fixing 5/5
Brightness 2/5

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