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Hey Joe! KIDS is our water-based ointment designed specifically for the little ones*...

For big boys... FOR BIG GIRLS! Hey Joe! KIDS is designed for all kids who see their father as the hero of their life. Children who have stopped being babies to become little men.

Formulated with components of maximum purity HEY JOE! KIDS provides a creamy texture and extremely easy to apply, providing a strong hold that can withstand hours and hours in the hair of the most intrepid little ones.

A fresh and mischievous aroma with sparkling and playful notes.

Hey Joe! KIDS leaves no residue and is removed with a simple wash.

0% Alcohol. 0% Parabens. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

Contents: 75 ml. | 2.53 fl.oz.

Units per box: 12

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