White Badger Hair Brush

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Pure Elegance with this Exquisite White Badger Hair Brush

Craftmanship in style with this brush made in Spain by the Casa Vielong of 21" White Badger Hair

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    Artisan Shaving Brush made with black horse hair and high quality gloss resin handle. The qualities of soft tip black horse hair provide excellent water absorption for good lathering. The hair of the horse comes from the mane and tail and the horse does not suffer in the extraction process. Knot diameter: 24mm Made in Spain. LIMITED EDITION

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    Reduced price!
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    Handmade GREY Badger Hair Brush. The GREY BADGE HAIR is extracted from the belly of the animal, the colour of the hair varies between different shades of grey. This type of hair is slightly more rigid than the hair of: WHITE CLOTH and SILVER CLOTH. But like White Badger and Silver-point Badger it is a BRUSH of excellent QUALITY. Characteristics....

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    Vie-Long American Style Barber Brush. Made of natural, undyed horse hair. Of great firmness and unbeatable smoothness in its tips. Another important benefit in the use of horse hair for the manufacture of shaving brushes, is the fact that the horse does not suffer any kind of abuse. The "haircut" is part of the care and hygiene of the animal. The handle...

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    Series J&M/ Private Label Marengo Natural Sow HairDiameter 21 Made in Spain

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  • 92,63 € -5% 97,50 € Out of stock

    5 Star Product Hand-made shaving brush following a traditional process. Made of silver-tipped badger hair and beech wood handle with black rubber finish. Badger HairHair color Silver TipNatural Beech Wooden HandleDiameter 21 Made in Spain

    92,63 € -5% 97,50 € Out of stock
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    Out of stock
  • 25,00 € In Stock

    The internationally renowned Spanish-made Vie-Long brush combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The Vie-Long company mainly manufactures shaving brushes. All items are manufactured in Spain. Ideal size 21mm diameter Spanish Manufacture Andalusian Horsehair

    25,00 € In Stock
    In Stock