Denman Brush D14 AROMA Piña Colada Martini Daiquire

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Denman Professional Brush D14 (5 LAYERS) - AROMAS

Denman brushes have been designed for greater grip and control.

Denman replaced the classic boar bristles with the nylon spikes, which are found in these brushes.

Main characteristics of the Denman brush:

The elongated, removable rubber pad is the characteristic element of the brush.

It is anti-static and prevents the static charge of the hair.

The bristles are made of rounded, thermo-resistant nylon tips, arranged in slightly misaligned rows.

The bristles are soft and rounded so as not to damage the hair when combing.

Hygienic and durable

Available in 3 Aromas:

- Piña Colada - Yellow

- Martini - Blue

- Daiquire - Color Magenta

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