TIMOR Razor Handle Olive Wood and 6/8 Octave Carbon Steel Blade

TIMOR Razor Handle Olive Wood and 6/8 Octave Carbon Steel Blade View larger

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TIMOR Razor with Olive Wood Handle and 6/8 Octave Carbon Steel Blade

Looking for beauty and function in a razor, look no further. This razor is made of a 6/8" carbon steel blade with an olive wood handle. If that's not enough, it's decorated with an engraving on the blade.

- Olive Wood Handle or Grip.
- Blade- Carbon steel

For over 100 years, the name Timor has been synonymous with quality steel cutlery. Made in Solingen, Germany. Timor is well known in the world of barbers, hairdressers and stylists as a supplier of high quality instruments.

At the beginning of 1923 Paul Giesen and his partner Eugen Forsthoff moved the production of their new factory to Braumstrasse, which is located in the heart of the steel district of Solingen. Today the firm of Giesen & Forsthoff still manufactures there.

The blade is first hot forged from a piece of carbon steel bar. This is then hardened by heat treatment so that it will hold and maintain its sharpness. Then the blade goes through several different machines and a manual grinding process. At this point, the different sides are added. The now complete razor is prepared by hand to be placed with the sharp edge at the end.

Once the razor has been used for shaving, proper maintenance in a leather and linen holder will keep the razor perfect for many years. Don't forget to dry it after you have finished shaving.

Hand-made by Giesen & Forsthoff in Germany.
This product is imported from Germany - you may experience a delay in delivery of +7 days.

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