Beardburys Final Shaver PRO

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Our Professional Shaver provides a super close and longer lasting shave thanks to its double barrel system and 2 height (45º) assembly for greater control and ergonomics.

Ideal for Fade and Tape technique. Each barrel contains an ultra-fine blade: the 1st a Hitachi blade for a precise cut (can trim even the finest hair) and the 2nd a blade for a smooth cut.

Its safety blades are hypoallergenic and guarantee a smooth slide.

It incorporates an extendable trimmer for marking the beard.

Lithium-ion battery with USB charge. 120 minutes of charge - 80 minutes of autonomy.

Can also work connected to the network.

Ultra light: only 95gr. Professional use in barber shops

Lithium-ion battery with mains and USB charge and 80 min. autonomy.

Instructions for use
Slide gently and without pressure on the scalp in the area where you want to shave.

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