Neck Paper 5 Rolls for 500 Services

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5 Neck Paper Rolls - Each Roll for 100 Services.

Neck paper for professional use in hairdressers and barbershops.
This neck paper is thicker to prevent breakage as well as being pre-cut to streamline the job of the professional barber.

Each roll has 100 services so there are a total of 500 services.
By putting the neck paper in the cut layer, the hairs are prevented from slipping down the neck and producing the unpleasant itch.
They have a touch similar to that of fabric, and one of its main characteristics is that they have a high level of liquid absorption. They are breathable and resistant to moisture. 100% hygienic.

How to use:
Hold the paper by the ends, place it at the front of the client's neck and stretch it back as necessary to glue the two rubberized parts together with finger pressure.
Once the two ends are joined, the comb is placed well adjusted and the paper is folded on it.

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