Original MATADOR 12.7 cm Pocket Comb

New Original MATADOR 12.7 cm Pocket Comb View larger

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    Ideal for hair and beard. Wooden Handle. The design of this brush is conceived for hair and beard care. The OCEANO brush is made of 100% natural wood. Its 50% natural tines and 50% nylon provide that touch of softness that the natural tine does not offer. 20cm.

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    The YS Park G45 Ruler Comb is designed for the professional hairdresser and barber. * Precision guided comb to facilitate perfect scissor cuts in your barbershop or professional salon * Dimensions: 220 mm * Thermal resistance: 220º C * The Y.S. PARK Professional Combs are highly regarded by the professional hairdresser for their excellent finish,...

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    Professional hairdresser's comb with a double plastic comb. Features: Normal tine length 180mm. Comfortable handling and safe grip. Second shorter special tine to facilitate precision work. Perfectly finished tine to protect the scalp. Double Tine Normal Y.S WHITE 180mm Made in Japan Heat resistant up to 220º C.

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    Out of stock
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    Denman brush D73 - Quiff Roller Ceramic coated ventilated channel brush for a stronger and more durable result. Flexible nylon bristles gently penetrate the hair, providing optimal grip and control

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    Fine and very flexible professional hairdressing comb. Made of a very resistant and durable plastic material.  Characteristics: Special for barbers, favouring typical positions for cutting very short hair with scissors.It stands out for its extreme flexibility. Normal spike 205mm long. Comfortable handling and safe fastening. Perfect spike finish to...

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    Comb for professional hairdressing. Made of very resistant and durable plastic material.  Characteristics: Normal comb length 189mm. Comfortable handling and safe fastening. Second shorter special tine to facilitate precision work. Perfect spike finish to protect the scalp. Longer tines than classic combs, deepens inside the hair. Heat resistant up to...

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    Out of stock