Kit Beardburys beard care Gift Beard

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Kit Beardburys beard care Gift Beard
Kit Beardburys beard care Gift Beard Kit Beardburys beard care Gift Beard Kit Beardburys beard care Gift Beard

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The Complete Gift Kit for the care of the beard contains:

1 - Beard and mustache shampoo 150ml specific for cleaning the face and beard. Its sulfate-free formula guarantees delicate care for a soft beard and protected skin.

1 - Beard oil 30ml with a delicate composition based on essential and vegetable oils that provides deep hydration of the hair to obtain greater softness.

1 - 30ml beard wax with a soft and long-lasting hold for mustache and beard. Create the desired shapes or textures without limits.

1 - Alter Shave for after profiling. With hyaluronic acid. Antioxidant effect, soothing action and pleasant feeling of freshness.

1 - Beard Brush. Wooden handle and mix of wild boar bristles.

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