Parker Half Blade Razor Metal Handle - Interchangeable Blade View larger
Parker Half Blade Razor Metal Handle - Interchangeable Blade Parker Half Blade Razor Metal Handle - Interchangeable Blade
Parker Half Blade Razor Metal Handle - Interchangeable Blade

Parker Half Blade Razor Metal Handle - Interchangeable Blade

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Parker stainless steel barber knife with plastic handle.

Disposable blade, the closest experience to a traditional razor shave, but without the inconvenience of maintenance. Parker, a well-known manufacturer of double-blade razors, designs this Shavette seeking a balance between quality, functionality and price.

It uses standard double-blade razor blades split in half, which are inserted comfortably, thanks to its articulated clamp system that allows the blade to be changed safely.

This razor has an interchangeable blade Universal Format, you will always find a spare.


Manufactured by Parker Safety Razors since 1973.

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