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Patience, wisdom, clairvoyance, and survival instinct... The crocodile has walked upon Mother Earth for millions of years and is known in many myths and legends as the guardian of ancient wisdom. Like the crocodile, barbershop and the noble art of grooming has been known on our planet since time immemorial. With this purpose and following the classic techniques of elaboration, we have created the ointment that you have in your hands. Formulated with components of maximum purity, our water-soluble ointment has a creamy consistency that facilitates combing and provides a strong hold to give maximum flexibility to your style. Hey Joe! dries to medium hardness and is easily removed with a simple wash.

METHOD OF USE: For best results, pick up a small amount with your fingers and rub it in the palm of your hands before applying it to your hair. Spread it out giving the desired shape, use a comb for a more defined result. If you use it with wet hair, you will get more shine for your hairstyle.

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