Shampoo for beard Proraso Lime 200 ml - Azur Lime

Shampoo for beard Proraso Lime 200 ml - Azur Lime View larger

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Beard Shampoo 

Proraso 200ml. Removes odours and impurities from the beard effectively and delicately. Thanks to its light foaming effect it allows a comfortable beard cleaning service. It provides shine, restructures and softens the stubborn beard hair and is suitable for skin cleansing, thanks to its high content of active ingredients.

The Proraso beard shampoo offers a gentle scent of wood and spices that sets without stridency, leaving a pleasant scent that shows through in short distances.

Wet the beard and apply the product, massage gently and rinse with water or a damp towel.

Package with dosing pump that supplies the product in a hygienic and efficient way.

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