The Original Osma Brand Alum Stone

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OSMA stone 75gr. Used by barbers since time immemorial. Alum is essential for a complete shave. With known astringent and disinfectant qualities. 100% natural mineral bar. Wet the stone with cold water and gently rub the face to close the pores and reduce skin erosion.

Made in FRANCE.
OSMA stone 75gr.

How to use the stone:
To use it you have to moisten it a little. Then apply it to the areas of the face to be treated. Remember that you must have cleaned and dried the skin well before use and that the stone dissolves on contact with water. After use, do not forget to dry it and keep it completely clean.
One of its greatest advantages is that it does not stain clothes.
Be careful not to drop it, as it breaks easily.

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