Silicone tipped skeleton hairbrush.

4,75 € tax incl.


Skeleton brush of ideal size Finished in silicone ball.

Measures of length: 

7 Vertical Rows and 9 Horizontal Rows

Very handy.

Strong Plastic Material.

Silicone tip on the spikes

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    Comb cleaning brush 115 mm.

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    Denman Classic Styling Brush (D3) The long, removable rubber pad is the characteristic element of the brushThe rubber pad is anti-static and prevents static charging of the hairThe bristles are made of rounded, heat-resistant nylon tips, arranged in slightly misaligned rows

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    Fade Brush - Eurostil - Barber LineDegraded brush is manufactured to facilitate the cleaning of the scalp when performing such work. Its large number of synthetic bristles clean in depth and prevent the erosion of the skin and its ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable for the professional.

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    Ideal for hair and beard. Wooden Handle. The design of this brush is conceived for hair and beard care. The OCEANO brush is made of 100% natural wood. Its 50% natural tines and 50% nylon provide that touch of softness that the natural tine does not offer. 20cm.

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    The best Fade Brush for cleaning gradients Very soft but at the same time extremely resistant bristles. From the DENMAN brand Model: Fade Jack Dean Measurements: Length 19.5cm / Width 3.9cm

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