Noberu Shaving Cream Sandalwood 100ml

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DESCRIPTION: This is NOVERU's luxurious, fragrant and pleasant shaving cream that will give you the best possible shaving experience. A dense, creamy and pleasant foam protects your skin, provides better sliding of the blades and prevents skin irritation and rash.

USE: Take shaving cream with a brush directly from the can. Use hot water to open the pores, soften the beard and a more pleasant feeling.

If you don't have a shaving brush yet, you can also apply the cream with your hands. Rub a small amount between your hands moistened in hot water until a creamy lather is achieved and apply to the area you wish to shave.

FEATURES: Nourishing shaving cream to moisturise and protect the skin, with a glycerine base that helps create a fine, dense foam for a smooth, close shave.

Nõberu of Sweden

Quality par excellence.

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