FADE Brush Round Horsehair Black Handle

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Ideal FADE. Round Wizard. Hard plastic material. Lightweight.

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    The best Fade Brush for cleaning gradients Very soft but at the same time extremely resistant bristles. From the DENMAN brand Model: Fade Jack Dean Measurements: Length 19.5cm / Width 3.9cm

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    Fade Brush - Eurostil - Barber LineDegraded brush is manufactured to facilitate the cleaning of the scalp when performing such work. Its large number of synthetic bristles clean in depth and prevent the erosion of the skin and its ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable for the professional.

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    Wooden Handle - 100% Synthetic Spikes The design of this brush is designed to drag the remaining hairs on the back of the neck after each cut. The TRITON brush is made of 100% natural wood, while its bristles are 100% synthetic. Its soft tines drag the remains of hair without scratching.

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    Denman duster neck brush with black bristles will help to gently remove loose hair from your face and neck of customers. The super soft nylon bristles ensure that the comfort of your clients comes first. The brush can be easily disinfected in a disinfectant solution for hygiene purposes. The ergonomically designed handle allows for two different grips....

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    5 Rolls of Barber Line Neck Paper 5 rolls of neck paper for professional use in hairdressing and barber shops, excellent quality, thicker than normal.This neck paper is thicker to avoid tears and is pre-cut to speed up the work of the professional barber.Each roll has 100 services so in total there are 500 services.By placing the neck paper in the...

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    Out of stock