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Everything has a Story and everything has a Why.

I remember perfectly when I was little and in the bathroom I would be spellbound watching my father as he shaved. The foam that he had on the brush hit me on my face and with the razor unloaded he pretended that he was shaving me. That pleasant memory is what drives me every day to make the fantastic world of Classic Shaving known.

It is one of the most beautiful Rituals that we can have and enjoy in our lives.

In those days, without wanting it, my father organized an authentic shaving ritual. He started by boiling water in a saucepan, he heated it on the stove we had at home. Meanwhile he prepared his interchangeable blade razor, checked which side of the blade was good to use that day, he assembled the razor and placed it on one side of the sink that he already had reserved for that task. He was taking his paintbrush from its shelf and setting it into position. Once all the preparations were ready and ordered in the sink, he would go to the kitchen and pour the hot water into a small basket that he had for that use. It was precisely at that time, without my knowing it, that I discovered the authentic Shaving Ritual. And today it is what keeps alive the illusion of presenting Classic Shaving to those who do not know it and, ultimately, everything related to personal care for men. Beard care or hair styling. It is about making a Passion known. Transported to the present.

Emilio R.


BARBERIUS - Tax Address: C / Habana 73 - 18194, Granada (Spain) - Email: info@barberius.es.

Company Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Companies of Spain and the Registry of Patents and Trademarks of Spain and Europe.

At present Barberius Shop, SL. It is directed by Emilio Rem and his great team of partners and collaborators: María Gamizo, Giuseppe Dángelo, Roberto Gisbert, María M. García.

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Barberius Shop. SL is the official and authorized sales distributor for all the BRANDS it sells. We guarantee the TOTAL ORIGINALITY and safety of all our products and articles.

- Positioning 2008 / 2024:

BARBERIUS is RECOGNIZED in 2024 as a LEADING, TRANSPARENT AND RELIABLE Company in the sector of Online Sale of innovative Products in the Barbershop of the 21st century.

We are proud to be one of the first Spanish companies since 2008 to believe in the Old Barbershop and to incorporate the New Barbershop Products and Utensils of Today's Man.

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Our constant research means that we have the latest news in Quality products and Classic Barber accessories. Endorsed by their direct manufacturers or authorized distributors.

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At Barberius you will find the best brands of accessories, products and articles for hair and beard care. As well as everything related to the world of classic and traditional shaving.

These are some of our most outstanding Brands we work with: SEE BRANDS

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Barberius is specialized in Online Sales to the General Public and Online Sales to Barbers and Hairdressers.

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We ship to the entire national territory (Spain), the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

We also ship to Europe: Portugal - Germany - Austria - Belgium - Denmark - France - Hungary - Italy - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Poland - United Kingdom - Czech Republic - Sweden - Switzerland.

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