Trust Purchase Verified by VISA

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Confidentiality in the payment and your personal data.
Is your data 100% protected? YES
You can place your order with the greatest peace of mind, Your bank details are encrypted and protected by a security system. This means that your data is never visible on the Internet and never reaches barberius.
This is the reason why every time you place an order we ask for your credit card number.

Barberius includes the 3d secure payment system (also called verified by visa / mastercard / American Express) is a payment system validated by authentication that allows you to increase the security of your online purchases.

When placing the order, your bank verifies the identity of the holder before validating the transaction.
Once the information of your visa - mastercard - American Express has been completed, you will be redirected to the website of your bank where you will be asked for your identification.
This way of proceeding is governed by each bank, for example they may ask you to enter a number received by SMS or enter the code of a card, etc. Once the confirmation of this stage is received, your payment will be validated and you will receive the order confirmation email.

More information about 3d secure.
The appearance of a non-payment due to the fraudulent use of a credit card or paypal, will cause all the data related to the order to be registered in the database of a file of payment incidents made by credit card or paypal.
Any irregularity or anomaly may receive specific treatment.

- Barberius may check the personal data provided by the client and apply the necessary measures (claiming supporting documents or canceling the order) in case of detecting anomalies or receiving complaints from third parties.