Payment methods

To pay for Your order in Barberius Shop you have several payment options:

· Payment by CREDIT CARD:
Choosing to pay by credit card, the customer will be directed to the secure payment website of his bank. You will make the payment through the protected system Redsys

Payment gateway BIZUM:
Choosing the payment with the BIZUM System, the client from his mobile makes the secure payment from his BIZUM Mobile account.

· Payment by BANK TRANSFER: Only for Professionals
Keep in mind that if you choose this Payment option, your order is sent when it is verified that the payment transaction has been carried out correctly in our Bank Account.

By choosing this option, your order is only reserved on the Barberius website. You will receive all the instructions to be able to make the Payment through this Bank Transfer System.

* Remind you that after 72 hours, the automatic system cancels your order if the bank transfer has not been made to our account number.


· At this time we do not make shipments by COD-COVER Payment.
· At this time we do not make shipments through PAYPAL Payment.
In all cases, confidential payment data will be made in an encrypted form and Barberius Shop will NEVER have access to any type of Data. What we call SAFE and TRUSTED Purchase. SSL security standards

* Payment with foreign cards may be limited depending on the country of origin of the card; You can contact us if you receive an error or cancellation message when making the payment.