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  • 3 CLAVELES Profesional

    SPANISH BRAND that started its business activity in 1930. They manufacture HIGH QUALITY Hairdressing and Barber Scissors.

  • AG y TOPPIK España

    Density and volume for your hair instantly. Toppik is a hair makeup in the form of microfibers of organic keratin, a natural component of hair. It is applied to the areas where hair is thin or thin to achieve an instant natural volume look.

  • Andis Profesional

    The prestigious American brand ANDIS was founded in 1922, which gives it more than 90 years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional hair cutting machines. It is one of the preferred Brands of Barbering by all the Professional Barbers and Hairdressers

  • BabylissPRO

    For more than 50 years, BaByliss PRO has been producing innovative machines to inspire the creativity of professional barbers. High Design and Maximum efficiency in all its Machines from Europe to the United States of America.

  • Barber Pole

    A barber pole is a type of sign used by barbers to indicate the place or establishment where they carry out their work. This commercial sign is, according to a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, a post or pole with a coloured striped helix (usually red, white and blue)


    The bright blue of Barbicid

    e is the globally recognized symbol of BarberShop hygiene at the highest level. For more than 67 years, hairdressers have trusted Barbicide products for the cleaning and disinfection of all their professional tools.


    BEARDBURYS is one of the most complete lines of male care on the market. Products manufactured in Spain developed exclusively for men's care and styling

    The Beardburys male care line responds to the latest male trends and the most demanding techniques of barbers to create any hair, beard or moustache style.

  • Captain Cook old school

    The entire Captain Cook product line is developed by Barbering Professionals in the spirit of Old School and New School.
    Barbershop line with natural products for the care of beard and moustache.
    Style line with fixation products to achieve that CHANNEL style that characterizes the Captain Cook brand.

  • Captain Fawcett

    In 1905, Captain Peabody Fawcett RN Ret'd, the intrepid and eminent Edwardian explorer, disappeared while sailing on the Congo River... No trace of his expedition was ever found... until, in 1997, an exquisite case containing some ointments was found in an old trunk. Today these are the precise formulas of Captain Fawcett's original potions

  • Club Man Pinaud

    The Official Brand of the US Barbers ClubMan offers a wide range of Classic Grooming and Shaving products for today's men that remain true to the heritage of a Brand with more than 100 years of history.

  • Corleone Pomade

    Corleone is founded by the Barbershop family from New York since 1884. Corleone Sticky Stuff is a brand that offers you a range of top quality hairdressing products.

    Coleone New York Barbers Stuff


    Crazy Color® was launched in 1977 in the midst of the punk rock explosion in Britain. Mix it your way to create a shade to match your style. Our range has expanded to 41 colors over the years and each decade gathers new fans. 

  • CUBRITINT Capilar


    DISSEMINATES ALOPECIA in areas with less hair.

  • Dapper Dan Pomade

    The handsome dan was founded in Sheffield, England in 2011; born out of frustration with the less than adequate products available to gentlemen for their style needs. At that time Dapper Dan Pomade was born

  • Dear Barber

    Dear Barber is synonymous with class and prestige. The exclusive hair and grooming range meets the needs of professional stylists and allows men to experience luxury grooming at home, every day.

  • Denman International

    John Denman Dean created a revolutionary hairstyle brush, now known as the Famous D3 brush. An engineer and adventurer, he traveled the world to find the comb and brush materials to create the iconic Denman brush.


    DISICIDE is the only disinfectant, fungicide and virucide brand. With the best relation QUALITY - PRICE for the protection and TOTAL Cleaning of Tools and Utensils.

  • Hey JOE Pomade

    HEY JOE! products have been created by barbers for barbers, and that is why we have set ourselves an extremely demanding quality policy, making our formulas with the best raw materials on the market, by hand and in small quantities, to guarantee their quality and exclusivity

  • Kamisori Shears

    The innovative Kamisori scissors are carefully handcrafted from the finest materials available today; no other company combines such a varied range of high quality metals with such special skill. The end result is a light, ergonomic and perfectly balanced scissor for fast, precise and easy cutting.

  • KÜÜL Color

    Kuul Color System is more than a concept in coloring that offers a specific solution for different hair needs. It is colour for hair and beard. Ammonia free

  • LAYRITE Men's Grooming

    In 1999, for most, it seemed that the profession of hairdresser was breathing its last. But Layrite's passionate founder, Donnie Hawley, was still searching to perfect his clients' haircuts.

  • Macho Beard Company

    The Macho Beard Company potions are the result of several years of study, created with natural ingredients and essential oils of the highest quality. They are potions, oils, balsams and waxes created in a traditional way, as it has been done since ancient times. 

Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items